Can’t Talk (Beta) – Auto-reply to everything! Whatsapp, Slack, Email 0.7.7

Nowadays we all communicate at the touch of a button and are more connected than ever, but we can’t always reply to messages as instantly as some people would like.

Whether you’re driving, at work, in a meeting or at the gym.. When you aren’t able to reply – Can’t Talk will.

Can’t Talk lets you automatically respond to almost any replyable app notification, these includes messages from apps like Whatsapp, plus support for replying to SMS & missed calls too!

Select which contacts & which apps should be replied to, set your custom reply, done.

Can’t Talk is free to use to reply to SMS & missed calls while app replies is a paid feature, however you’ll get a 2 week free trial of all paid features, including app replies, as standard 🙂

Give it a try for free today!

Features of note:
– Auto reply to SMS, missed calls & app notifications
– Specify which apps can be replied to
– Filter which contacts can be auto-replied to
– Personalise your response

​Upcoming Features:
– Multiple profiles – create a “work profile” or a “home profile” or a “driving profile” with specific responses/settings
– Contextual Switching – automatically turn profiles on & off depending on whether you’re driving, in the office, at home etc..
– Contact specific responses


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