[LOS14.1]Jelly Browser

After LineageOS has been merged with Android-7.1.2_R8, new builds feature several changes, including an all new browser called Jelly. It mainly targets low-end Android devices and replaces the older AOSP browser. I came to know about it out after compiling new source for building a ROM. Hope it’ll be helpful for the devices that are no longer officially supported due to the lack of maintainers.
^Chrome – like tabs in recents menu.
^More secure than AOSP based.
^Based on the system webview.
^New homepage – DuckDuckGo. – CHANGED
^New UI.

+Fixed age – old orientation(screen rotation) bug
+Default homepage and search engine now changed to Google
+Still on version 1.0
+More updates coming along…

A phone with Marshmallow or any higher version of Android.

IF YOU’RE INSTALLING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME, simply install as you use to do.
IF ALREADY INSTALLED, uninstall and reinstall the latest build.

Download Jelly Browser

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