themeDIY for Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/J/C ✺ 6.x/7.x

Please read the entire description before you install this app

All the Galaxy devices running Stock 6.x/7.x are supported.
(Samsung Galaxy Note, S, J, C, A Series)


✺ 35+ system app overlays
✺ 10+ third party app overlays
✺ has both Light and Dark theme variants for System apps (Stock 6.x may have some issues with Dark variant)
✺ Light SystemUI – default
✺ Inverted Light SystemUI (Colored Background with white icons and text)
✺ Dark SystemUI (Black Background with dark notifications)
✺ Inverted Dark SystemUI (Colored Background with dark notifications)
✺ Over 1000+ predefined colors to pick
✺ Archive theme source files (for theme designers)

How to build a Theme..?
1. Select colors (Primary, Status bar, and Accent) for system apps
2. Select colors for the third party apps individually
3. Select the overlays that you want in your theme.
4. Give a name and build it. (Optionally, you can include wallpaper)
5. Install and apply the theme with Trial (Make sure the theme store is enabled)
6. Then, disable theme store and theme center to keep it

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