WhatsApp Google Drive Extractor

Allows WhatsApp users on Android to extract their backed up WhatsApp data from Google Drive.
UPDATE: This tool was last updated on October 20th 2016.
IMPORTANT: If you wish to extract crypt keys or WhatsApp databases from non-rooted Android devices then you need: WhatsApp Key/DB Extractor instead.

Why would I even need this?
Us mere mortals have absolutely no access to any application data stored on Google Drive, even though it’s our data.

Originally Posted by Google
What is the Application Data folder?

The ‘Application Data folder’ is a special folder that is only accessible by your application. Its content is hidden from the user, and from other apps. Despite being hidden from the user, the Application Data folder is stored on the user’s Drive and therefore uses the user’s Drive storage quota. The Application Data folder can be used to store configuration files, saved games data, or any other types of files that the user should not directly interact with.

v1.0 – Initial release.
v1.1 – Added Python 3 support.

O/S: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X or Linux
Python 2.x – If not installed: https://www.python.org/downloads/
Android device with WhatsApp installed and the Google Drive backup feature enabled
Google services device id (if you want to reduce the risk of being logged out of Google)
Search Google Play for “device id” for plenty of apps that can reveal this information
Google account login credentials (username and password)

Extract “WhatsApp-GD-Extractor-master.zip”.
Edit the [auth] section in “settings.cfg”.
Run python WhatsAppGDExtract.py from your command console.
Read the usage examples that are displayed.
Run any of the examples.

Check you have the required imports installed (configparser and requests).
I.E.: pip install configparser requests

Download WhatsApp-Key-DB-Extractor-master.zip

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